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Replacing Hensley’s previous XS range of teeth and other ground engaging tools (GET), Kprime is suitable for excavators with operating weights from 4 tonnes to 400 tonnes, and for loaders weighing from 10 tonnes to 200 tonnes.

Key Kprime features

Kprime’s safety, ease-of-use and servicing features include:
  • New pry-out procedures to make removal of wear caps, teeth and pins easy and safe
  • Weight Indicators cast into each part in kilograms, allowing for easier handling, appropriate selection of lifting and handling aids, and proper tool selection during assembly
  • A push-out ramp on each tooth to help dislodge the fastener when unlocking
  • An audible “clack” sound to indicate when a tooth is securely locked
  • Pins designed to last through multiple tooth changes, with a pin wear indicator on the hex head of each pin
  • Metric socket heads used for locking and unlocking
  • A simple quarter-turn rotation to lock/unlock the pin

Improved reliability and wear life

Reliability has been improved through a 10% stronger design that reduces breakage, an improved pin design so it won’t unlock even after extended use, and an optimised design to reduce wear on adapters.

Stability of the tooth on the adapter has also been improved through a tighter fit.

Productivity of Kprime teeth has been significantly improved through a number of design advances, including increased wear material – so teeth don’t need to be changed so often – improved penetration, and a design that ensures the tooth stays sharp throughout its life.

Kprime teeth can be rotated, further extending life, while wear indicators on the wear cap and fastener let users know when they need to change or rotate their teeth.

Losing teeth into a crusher or conveyor is far less likely to occur with Kprime teeth due to a new locking system that means no torque loss after multiple cycles, ensuring the retaining pin remains locked throughout the life of the tooth.


Available in range of sizes, types, for all makes of equipment

A range of tooth types is available for all machine sizes across Komatsu’s excavator and wheel loader range, from light-duty applications, through to the toughest and most challenging rock and abrasive material conditions.

While Kprime teeth will be sold as standard on all Komatsu excavators and loaders, this system is also ideal for all other brands of earthmoving and mining equipment, from compact utility-class machines up to large mining machines.


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