Mansfield Crushing
Mansfield Crushing - quickly and easily source, order and pay for parts

Victorian-based Mansfield Crushing’s Procurement Manager Dallas Skinner is an early adopter of the myKomatsu online parts portal, which allows customers to quickly and easily source, order and pay for parts.  

In the time he’s been using it, since mid-June 2019, Dallas has found it streamlines and simplifies his ordering, allowing him to put more focus on other parts of his job.

myKomatsu is Komatsu’s industry leading website for ordering earthmoving equipment parts online, developed as part of the company’s philosophy of being “easy to do business with”.

“It’s certainly made my life easier,” Dallas says. “It’s very straightforward to find the parts I need. The parts portal also helps me track my orders online, keeping me fully informed on the progress of each order so I know exactly when it’s going to arrive.

“That lets me more effectively plan my work schedule. I can tell our fitters and service teams when they’ll have the parts that they need for machine servicing and repairs.”

Based in Mansfield, 180km northeast of Melbourne in the foothills of the Victorian Alps, Mansfield Crushing began operations in 1989 as Steve Bell Earthmoving. Since then, it has diversified into quarrying, contract quarrying and screening, as well as its earthmoving business, and has provided crushing and screening services for projects throughout Australia.

Mansfield Crushing’s fleet includes eight WA500 loaders (one Dash 3H, six Dash 6s and one Dash 7), plus maintenance and servicing for a PC850-8EO excavator and an HD605-7 dump truck for another client.

“Since I started using myKomatsu when it first launched earlier this year, I’ve used it pretty much every day,” says Dallas.

“In particular, because we run so many WA500s, I’m always ordering parts and consumables for them.

“I’ve found I’ve also been able to use myKomatsu to source parts from Komatsu that we can use on some of our other non-Komatsu machines.”

Dallas has been particularly impressed with the tracking system.

“It notifies you every step of the order,” he says. “When you place an order, you get a confirmation, then it lets you know when it’s been picked, when it’s been dispatched and when it’s delivered. 

“Komatsu’s tracking system is well above any other supplier’s online parts system by far, and it’s one of the best features of myKomatsu, because it means I don’t have to worry about where my order is, and I have a pretty good idea of when it will arrive.

“It’s just fantastic to be notified that an order is on its way; it means if one of the workshop crew asks me about how a part is coming along, I can let them know where it is, and give them a good indication of when it will arrive.”

Dallas also finds navigating the site is very straightforward. 

“I’ve been in this earthmoving equipment procurement game for about eight years, so I know my way around parts ordering sites fairly well,” he says. 

“myKomatsu is simply easy to use, and if something’s a bit tricky to find, I can just use the search filters.

“It also makes it easy to confirm what parts are needed with our fitters. If they ask for something, I can just give them a picture from the section of the machine they are working on, then they can let me know what parts they need, and I can order them using the parts book feature.

“myKomatsu definitely makes my life easier and less stressful, because I know when I order a part, it’s definitely on its way, and I don’t need to keep checking up on it,” says Dallas.