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Quick and easy ordering of parts for your next machine service

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Scheduled service parts needed for regular servicing requirements can now be ordered online - quickly, easily and efficiently via myKomatsu.

Users can search by Komatsu machine and serial number to find the recommended parts as per Komatsu's national standard, add parts to their shopping cart and have their orders shipped right to their door.

To get started, go to You'll need to be logged in to access this page. Don't have an account? Click here to create an online account.

Pre-set bill of materials for a machine’s standard service
Customers can quickly and easily find scheduled service parts by Komatsu machine and serial number, giving them visibility of the recommended parts as per our national service standard. Premium Online Account holders can search by fleet instead of having to enter their machine details - saving time when browsing online.
Remove or add parts with a single click
Don’t need a particular part from the pre-set bill of materials? Need to adjust a quantity or add other items? With scheduled service parts, users can add extra items, or even remove parts that are not required. The flexibility in the ordering process is within the customer’s control.
Save as Wishlist for future ordering
Scheduled service parts can be added to a shopping cart with a single click. Users have the flexibility to modify the bill of materials of any scheduled service parts list and save it as a Wishlist for future checkout without having to repeat the process.
Order the right parts for your service
Access to scheduled service parts using pre-populated lists through myKomatsu greatly streamlines and speeds up the ordering process, so that the correct parts are supplied for the right machine every single time. This helps ensure that a machine’s productivity and uptime is maintained, with unscheduled downtime far less likely to occur.
Ease of sharing list of parts
Scheduled service parts can be searched and modified to suit the customer’s service requirements. Users can easily share the bill of materials with others through a click of a button - a useful feature for mid-to-large organisations that process orders via their purchasing teams.
OEM parts backed by warranty
By using scheduled service parts based around the National Standard, customers are assured they are maintaining their machines using the right OEM parts – order with confidence knowing that parts are backed by full Komatsu warranty.

How to get started

Step 1: Log in

If you are already registered, you can access the scheduled service parts page by clicking here. If you are not registered, simply click here to create an account.

Step 2: Enter machine details
Enter machine details (model and serial number) or select a machine from a fleet list (Premium Online Account customers only).
Service kits - Select the machine engine
Select the machine’s engine serial number range to ensure you navigate through to the right bill of materials.
Step 4: Select the SMR
Select the upcoming service meter reading (SMR) interval, between 250 and 6000 hours.

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