Why Use Condition Monitoring Services

Komatsu Condition Monitoring Services (CMS) is designed to save you time and money by monitoring the health and condition of your equipment through regular monitoring of lubricants and fluids used in key components.

The benefits of using Komatsu CMS include preventing premature component failure, which helps eliminate unscheduled machine downtime and extends the life of machine components, while reducing the chances of expensive failure costs. By monitoring the health of your machinery thorough regular assessment of the lubricants and fluids, we help your business save time and money.

At Komatsu CMS, we have the knowledge, capabilities and technologies to meet all our clients’ ongoing service and maintenance needs. We are always open to innovations, and customer-suggestions to better meet your requirements, and we continuously strive to go above and beyond industry standard tests to achieve the best-possible results for our customers.

We are committed to being innovative, by continuously developing and introducing new analytical processes, so we constantly improve our monitoring of your equipment health.

This also ensures we remain flexible in responding to customer demands and changes in the industry, by ensuring we keep our skills and expertise current.

Why sample with Komatsu CMS


Quality at every step of the sampling process
We’re proud to achieve ISO9001: 2015 Quality Management System certification to ensure that we maintain our high-quality standards in the accuracy of our reports as well as in our recommendations, to help your business eliminate potential downtime and productivity as a result of machine failure.
More than just a report
Customers can expect to receive an evaluation as well as a recommendation from their oil sample. Furthermore, should our evaluation detect critical levels for any reason that requires your attention, our analysts will contact you and provide direct technical assistance and recommendations.
Expert industry knowledge
When you sample with Komatsu CMS, you’ll receive expert industry knowledge from our dedicated CMS team which includes qualified chemists, trade-qualified technicians, tertiary-quality lab technicians and analysts, all who play a vital part in analysing and interpreting your samples in a way that is simple to read and understand.
24-hour turnaround time of reports
24-hour turnaround time of reports once your sample kit arrive at any of our CMS labs, providing you with expert analysis and recommendations as quickly as possible so that you can swiftly respond to avoid potential catastrophic failure before they occur, saving you time and money.
Barcoded sample cards
Use of barcoded sample cards to help track progress of sample kits and reports once it is received by labs, giving you visibility of where your sample results are at and peace of mind that your report is on its way.
Online sample reports
Ability to view all your sample reports and trends online (desktop, mobile, tablet) immediately so that you can quickly review our analysis of your machine’s health, giving you the confidence to make business critical decisions based on real findings.