Condition Monitoring Services

Industries We Serve

As an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) owned operation, a significant number of the fluid samples tested by Komatsu Condition Monitoring Services (CMS) are from Komatsu machinery, across our traditional sectors of mining, construction, quarrying, local government and forestry operations.

However, we also carry out a large number of sample analyses from many other manufacturers of products and machinery operating in these industries.
And our CMS service isn’t only limited to the industry sectors we’ve traditionally served.


Machinery condition monitoring

Industries we serve

The benefits of Komatsu Condition Monitoring Services are also widely used by a broad range of industry sectors, including:

• Road transport
• Rail transport
• Quarry
• Maritime and marine services
• Aviation
• Building construction and management
• Emergency services
• Manufacturing and processing

In fact, just about any industry sector that depends on the reliable and ongoing operation of powered plant and machinery can benefit from our range of services.

Mining condition monitoring

Other Industries

We provide condition monitoring services for a very broad range of customers outside of the industries we typically serve. These include:

  • Fuels, oils and lubricants suppliers
  • Public transport providers
  • Joint ventures and public-private partnerships (PPPs) building, owning and maintaining public and private infrastructure
  • Machinery maintenance specialists
  • Marine owners and operators

In addition, our expertise is frequently called to provide investigative analyses on fuels, lubricants, oils, greases, metals and more. If your organisation is facing difficult challenges in operating, maintaining and efficiently managing your plant and machinery, please contact us.