Komatsu CMS Oil Sample Kits


Komatsu Condition Monitoring Services (CMS) saves you time and money by monitoring the health and condition of your equipment through regular monitoring of lubricants and fluids used in key components.

The benefits of using Komatsu CMS include preventing premature component failure, which virtually eliminates unscheduled machine downtime, and extending the life of machine components, while reducing the chances of expensive failure costs.

At Komatsu CMS, we have the knowledge, capabilities and technologies to meet all our customers’ ongoing service and maintenance needs to ensure optimum machine health.

A key element of Komatsu CMS is our KOWA (Komatsu Oil Wear Analysis) service, that provides industry-leading analysis and interpretation of oils, lubricants, fuel and coolant, using our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities throughout Australia. 

KOWA oil analysis is provided for all Komatsu mining and construction equipment: wheel loaders, excavators and shovels, trucks, graders, dozers, utility products, used in both surface and underground applications.

We also provide KOWA and other Komatsu CMS services for non-Komatsu machines, fixed plant, trucks, motor vehicles, cars - virtually any machine that uses oil, we can sample.

KOWA sampling kits and other CMS products are available through myKomatsu by clicking here.


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Excavator and Wheel Loader Oil Sampling Kits