Komatsu Electrical Parts


Electrical parts play a vital role in your earthmoving equipment’s reliable and productive operation. Whether it’s the lights, beacons or indicators, electrical parts are essential for site safety. As for the internal connections, these too, are key components to help your machine operate and communicate efficiently.

Komatsu provides every electrical component needed to keep your equipment operating as expected.

This includes basic elements, such as switches and switch boxes, wiring and wiring harnesses, globes for external lighting, in-cab lights, connector nodes, warning lamps, safety beacons and work lamps, engine alternators, plus a complete range of battery sizes and capacities.

We also supply electronic components and parts, including ECUs (electronic control units), monitors, sensors and more.

Furthermore, electrical parts play a key role in safety systems, including emergency stop switches and buttons, backup alarms, warning buzzers for dump trucks, as well as reversing cameras and horns.

In-cab electrical components available from Komatsu includes radio systems, starter switches, starter ignition systems, machine monitoring systems and windscreen wipers and motor kits.

When you need replacement parts for any circuit of your machine’s electrical system, you can find it on myKomatsu via the Search field or in the online Parts Books.

Remember, all genuine Komatsu parts are covered by our Komatsu warranty, and are designed and manufactured to KES (Komatsu Engineering Standards).

For all parts orders over $500 ex GST, delivery is free, and we ship New Zealand-wide with instant tracking via email alerts.