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How to get started

If you have an account with myKomatsu already, please sign in so we can provide tailored instructions to you.

To get access to myFleet, your company needs to have:
A Komatsu trading account – application form here
Registered for a Komatsu Premium Online Account – form here

Once your company has a Premium Online Account, your myKomatsu administrator will need to sign in to myKomatsu and complete the myFleet registration for instant access! They can the share the power of myFleet with other users within your organisation.

Unsure if your company has a trading account or Komatsu Premium Online Account with us? Get in contact with us.

Register for a Komatsu Premium Online Account

Let's get started
Follow these steps to get started
Apply for a Komatsu Trading Account
Click here to download the credit application form. If you already have an Komatsu trading account, then skip this step
Apply for a Premium Online Account
Download and complete this form for a Komatsu Premium Online Account. Please ensure all fields are filled out
You now have access with a Komatsu Premium Online Account