Help and FAQs

First, you’ll need to get a Komatsu Premium Online Account for your company. Then, your company account administrator can register for myFleet on the 'How To Get Started' page. The account administrator can then create new users for the company’s account, and assign them the fleet role.

In your account, head to your account dashboard, and the email of your admin user is displayed at the top of the page.
When logged in as an administrator user, visit the Manage Users page and follow the instructions in this video.
Any machine that we have you as a listed owner will be displayed in myFleet. This can include some non-Komatsu machinery.

Definitely! When viewing your fleet of machines, click the Action button next to the search bar. Fill in the form, and we’ll update the machine ownership in our systems. If we need some additional information from you, we’ll get in contact.

We’ll get the machine added to your account within 24-48 business hours.

It a simple process to get a machine removed from your account.

If on a desktop/laptop, click on 3 dots to the right of the machine you have sold, and select 'Request machine removal'. Add any information into the form, and click the submit button. On a mobile device, select the machine from your fleet list, and then click the 3 dots on the machine overview page. Add any information into the form, and click the submit button.

We’ll get the machine removed from your account within 24-48 business hours.


We take data privacy very seriously, and rigorously check for data ownership across our systems. There are 2 levels of checks that are completed

First, is the machine assigned to your company to be able to see basic information about the machine? Only users who are nominated as users for your company can log in and view machines assigned to you.

Second, to display additional data from systems like Komtrax, Condition Monitoring Services (CMS), we check the ownership of the machine in those systems, and only display data if the account information matches.