Komatsu Powertrain Parts


If the powertrain on your equipment isn’t working – whether it’s the engine, transmission, wheel/track motors, final drives or other components – your machine literally cannot move.

Komatsu supplies a complete range of powertrain components and parts for your Komatsu equipment.

This includes the engine and all related components, elements and consumables.

For transmissions, whether powershift, direct drive or hydrostatic, we supply all drive elements, including front and rear axle units, drive motors, final drives, differentials and limited-slip diffs, drive shafts and more.

We supply steering system parts and components, including steering pumps and motors, along with emergency steering systems and pumps.

For hydraulically actuated transmission systems, our parts include pumps, motors, control pumps, hoses, tanks, filters, valves, PPC (proportional pressure control) valves, spools and other parts.

In load-and-carry operations, we supply replacement parts for ECSS (electronically controlled suspension systems).

When you need replacement parts for any part of your machine’s powertrain system, you can find it on myKomatsu via the Search field or in the online Parts Books.

Remember, all genuine Komatsu parts are covered by our Komatsu warranty, and are designed and manufactured to KES (Komatsu Engineering Standards). 

For all parts orders over $500 ex GST, delivery is free, and we ship New Zealand with instant tracking via email alerts.