Fleet management made easy

Sample Condition Monitoring Report

myFleet is a simplified Komatsu experience that streamlines your heavy equipment fleet management with just one log in to access all system information.

myFleet provides you with fleet tracking abilities so you can view all machine data in one location, manage your fleet of machinery, monitor overall machine health and request services from Komatsu.

Fleet management
Easily see the location of any machine in your fleet with simple, intuitive sorting and filtering in the dashboard. View your machines by their health rating, product type or upcoming service details using the fleet tracking.
View service information
Access a full history of service events, as well as seeing upcoming booked services and forecasted dates for services needed across your fleet. Quick and easy to request a service booking with Komatsu with access to the latest service reports.
Requests for service
Request a service or repair with our qualified Komatsu service technicians directly through the platform. Select your preferred date, and our Komatsu team will then be in contact to confirm your service.
One stop shop
A simplified Komatsu experience, with only one username and password needed to access all your system information. Using the same login as your myKomatsu portal, you can now access data from Komtrax, CMS and EQP Care, in addition to other reports about your machine.
Access on the go
Wherever you are, myFleet is with you. Access your account safely and securely anytime, anywhere you have internet: in the office, or on a jobsite, you can access myFleet on your mobile, tablet or desktop.

What you can expect

Sign Up
Quick and easy sign up process to confirm your fleet of machines. You can then access My Fleet, and grant access to other users in your organisation.
View your machines
View the details and location of all your machines, including their current health and recent operating trends, allowing you to plan for future work and maintenance.
Take action
View actions and review items against each machine, with the ability to request a service booking with Komatsu or mark a service as complete if you’ve done it yourself.
Meet the Komatsu CMS team

Download brochure

View the brochure for an overview of myFleet including its key features and benefits. Download a copy here.