Komatsu Work Equipment Parts


Whether your machine is digging, loading, pushing or ripping, the work equipment are essential to getting the job done. This includes buckets, blades, rippers, and their associated ground engaging tools (GET).

Komatsu gives you access to every type and option of work equipment for all your earthmoving, dirt shifting, rock breaking, ground shaping and final trim work.

For digging machines such as excavators and backhoes, we offer a wide range of buckets in many different configurations, along with teeth, cutting edges and other GET products from Hensley and KVX.

We also supply quick hitches so you can quickly, easily and safely change over different buckets and attachments to meet your job requirements.

When you’re loading or handling materials with wheel loaders, excavators, skidsteers and backhoes, we have a full range of general purpose, 4:1 (multipurpose) and other buckets, along with a complete selection of GET products from Komatsu, Hensley and KVX to ensure bucket longevity and performance no matter what material type.

And if you’re pushing or shaping materials, using dozers or graders, our complete blade protection systems ensure long life, durability and lower cost per hour.

When you need to rip or scarify rock and other materials, complete ripper and ripper point packages ensure optimum penetration, ground breaking and site preparation.

Other replacement parts available on myKomatsu includes blade cylinders, arm and stick cylinder, trunnions, pins and bushes, wear bars, choky bars and wear plates.

When you need replacement parts for any type of work equipment, you can find it on myKomatsu via the Search field or in the online Parts Books.

Remember, all genuine Komatsu parts are covered by our Komatsu warranty, and are designed and manufactured to KES (Komatsu Engineering Standards).

For all parts orders over $500 ex GST, delivery is free, and we ship New Zealand-wide with instant tracking via email alerts.