Help and FAQs

Yes. You can email your enquiry to cms@komatsu.co.nz  Alternatively, just call 0800 433 116 and ask to be put through to a KOWA representative in your region. Please feel free to call us to discuss your results.

We are more than happy to provide you with training in taking your samples. Please contact us or speak to your local Komatsu representative.

We also provide KOWA testing for coolants, fuels and filters. Click here to see our range of kits.

On completion of the sample analysis and evaluations, the sample reports will be uploaded onto cms.komatsu.co.nz. We also email them to you as a PDF. We can also post or fax reports to you if required.

Each Komatsu CMS sample kit includes a self-addressed reply-paid Express Post satchel. All you need to do is place your completed sample kit in the satchel and mail it from your nearest post office.

Komatsu KOWA oil sample kits are processed within 24 hours from when the sample arrives at the Komatsu CMS laboratory. Results of other sample tests, including coolants, fuels and greases may take a little longer to process due to the nature of the tests on those samples.
With Komatsu equipment, we recommend each oil-lubricated component (engine, hydraulics, transmission) be sampled at 250-hour intervals as part of your regular equipment checks to monitor equipment health. For non-Komatsu equipment, please follow the recommendations of the manufacturer.
Komatsu CMS has a range of different sample kits for testing oils, coolants, fuels and filters. 
  • Oil sample kit (vacuum) for engine, transmission, hydraulic and gear oil samples
  • Oil sample kit (live), for use with oil sample valves for collecting engine, transmission, hydraulic and gear oil samples
  • Coolant sample kit
  • Acid/base number sample kit, for standard oil analysis, plus both acid and base numbers for engine oil and acid number for transmission, hydraulic and gear oil samples
  • Filtergram sample kit, for standard oil analysis as well as microscopic particle imaging
  • Ruler sample kit, for measuring the primary antioxidant content of oil.
No, the purchase price of your sample kit covers every aspect of our service: postage to our laboratory, lab testing, report generation and notification are all covered. If we identify an issue that requires urgent action by you, we will also follow up by phone, SMS and/or email.
Sample kits can be purchased on myKomatsu. Simply click here to see the complete range of KOWA sample kits.
The cooling system is a vital part of your equipment, and you should monitor it on a regular basis in addition to oil-lubricated components. Click here to view our Coolant Kit.
A significant proportion of engine failures can be attributed to contaminated fuel, which can also cause poor equipment performance, as well as blockages to fuel filters and injectors.